Who We Are

We are the Builders and creator of your design, Ample gathers highly-qualified architects and designers from different nationalities, countries and backgrounds to complete your project in all aspects.  achieving that in a virtual setting to give the chance to our designers to exchange knowledge from different countries and places.

Why Ample: 

Our approach is to take the design field to the next level and cope with the changes and technologies.

-We are aiming to speed the design services and give our client a clear vision of the process and what a Design builder is capable of delivering, it takes you from the exterior of your space to the very precious tiny art piece.

We are reaching out to clarify that nice projects don’t have to be expensive, ask for it and we will name it for you.


-Being the first in line in using Virtual reality as a final product for better visualization, preventing many future changes, saving you money and giving you a precise image/ figure of the project before the construction phase.

Creating this virtual setting will guarantee our designer’s spot in a very flexible way, so our clients get the most highly qualified designers to complete their projects and deliver all the needs and requests.


Gaining your trust is our first priority and by riding this journey from your coach is our new technique.

Be part of our family, get to know us in person, and make ample your office. We will make your insights/vision... sensible! 

Afnan hindi (founder) 

An architect and designer, coming from a different background. Palestinian, Born and raised in Jeddah- Saudi Arabia. 2017, Graduated from Dar AlHekma University in Jeddah. Had an internship in 2015 at “Studio Libeskind” In New York City, and in 2016 at “Khatib and Alami” In Sharjah, UAE. In 2017 worked as a consultant architects at "Amaken Projects Management Co”. In 2018 worked as a junior architect at “Studio Libeskind” In New York City.

I am an artist and painter who loves to shape and construct people's stories into beautiful products.

I have a passion for exploring other designer’s aesthetics and sharing it. The Diversity I explored in design and personal life made me able to understand what designers need and what our clients want.

My approach has always been to figure out the way of making architecture an easy language so non-designers can understand and be comfortable using in their own spaces or daily surroundings. 

Virtual design builder 

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